13 Outubro 2009

Seminario de fotografía digital/video



Bridgetown, Barbados el 13 y 14 de octubre del 2009.

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The Internet and new technologies continue to transform every aspect of the journalistic profession. Today’s photojournalists must learn to send in pictures, video, and even text, all of which requires significant changes in newsroom structure and culture.

However, many Latin American and Caribbean newspapers have yet to implement these necessary changes. To help them overcome these challenges, the IAPA Press Institute will hold this workshop, which will be taught by award-winning photographer Ricardo Ferro. During three days of hands-on activities, Ferro will lead discussions on such important issues as:

  • The reorganization of, and cultural change within, the Photography Department
  • The differences between today’s photojournalists and tomorrow’s; and the steps that must be taken to prepare for the new responsibilities in the newsroom
  • How to organize in archives all the material that is collected

These topics will be complemented with practical exercises, multimedia demonstrations, and photography and video equipment recommendations. Participants will hone their skills in picture and video editing workshops. At the end of each day, their works will be selected, evaluated, and critiqued.

The workshop is aimed at photography and online editors, as well as multimedia producers and journalists. Participants must bring a photo camera and, if possible, a video camera, 25 pictures in a travel drive, and a laptop with the free program Windows Movie Maker (the latest version for Windows XP) installed.

It is recommended that newspapers send two journalists from different departments, which will allow them to work as a team and implement the ideas and projects they will acquire during the workshop, as well as share them with the rest of the newsroom staff.

This workshop will be held in Bridgetown, Barbados, with the generous support of The Nation newspaper.


Registration fee is US$300.00 per attendee. Please complete the attached form and fax it or e-mail it to Alfonso Juárez, IAPA Press Institute Logistics Coordinador (305-635-2272; [email protected])